Spring maintenance is underway at all of our parks. This includes irrigation start up and repairs, herbicide and fertilizer applications, sport field treatments, tree pruning, landscape bed management, hedge trimming, deep cleaning all of our facilities and shelters, fencing repairs, horse arena harrowing and so much more being done by our caring and talented Groundskeepers! If you see them out and about feel free to say hello and let them know how your park experience is going. 

PARKING LOT maintenance 

PROJECT COMPLETE. All of the PRPD asphalt parking lots have undergone some form of treatment over the course of the spring and are ready for another summer sun and winter snow season. Repairs ranged from simple infrared patching or crack sealing to more advance treatments like seal coating, re-striping or full replacement.

32ND STREET TO CLEAR CREEK TRAIL connection project 

We continue to make progress on this trail connection. After some robust public feedback our consultant will be working on cost estimates, engineering and timelines for the trail to run from 32nd street along the east side of Applewood Golf Course. An additional public meeting to review the renderings and ask questions is scheduled for 6pm on Wednesday, June 2nd. Contact the PRPD offices at 303-424-2346 for the virtual meeting information. PRPD also continues to work diligently with all relevant private partners on easement locations and trail options for the route around the Coors reservoir (east & west) and through the Clear Creek Development (primarily north & south) and will share updates as they become available. 

APPLEWOOD PARK trail surfacing 

Groundskeeping staff will be working on replenishing the crusher fine surfacing throughout the Applewood Park Loop Trail. This work is anticipated to be completed by mid-Summer and will provide a nice fresh look and feel for trail users.

FAIRMOUNT PARK playground replacement 

PROJECT COMPLETE. The Fairmount playground replacement project has been completed and the grand re-opening took place on 5/20/21. Check out our Facebook page for pictures and updates on this cool new park amenity.

MAPLE GROVE PARK irrigation and ditch flooding abatement project 

PROJECT COMPLETE. PRPD was able to work with with Jefferson County Road & Bridge to move a section of park irrigation running along the northwest corner of the park, generally daylighting at the ditch running along 32nd street. The relocation of these irrigation lines and the re-sloping of the ditch will assist with the alleviation of flooding or pooling of water near the west entrance to the park. 

PROSPECT ARENA playground improvements, and redesign/public input process

The Prospect Arena playground recently received upgrades to a number of amenities including a new swirly slide, replacements to outdated balance platforms, fresh engineered wood fiber surfacing and new wooden border pieces. The work provides a nice fresh look to the playground and has been well received by playground users. Additionally, at Prospect Arena we are working closely with a design consultant to create a future design plan for the property. This project is a result of the master planning process conducted in 2019 and will include a finalized design (public input process is open throughout April and will include 2 public meetings), construction drawings and documents, and a cost estimate for upgrades, utility work and amenities. The consultant has a timeline that includes presentation and review of final documents to the Board of Director’s by the August board meeting.

 SERENE CONSERVANCY development update

The planning and permitting process continues for the Serene Conservancy property. We have worked with Jefferson County and an independent engineering consultant to attain flood plain and grading permits. Next steps will include finalizing erosion plans, construction applications and storm water management plans. Once completed PRPD will work with our landscape and design consultant to put the project out to bid and will share construction updates as they become available throughout the summer and remainder of 2021.