Our Policies for all Park and Facility Locations


Although having a picnic permit entitles you to use of the picnic shelter and perhaps the ball field, please keep in mind that the park is never closed to the public. You and your guests can also enjoy the other park amenities, such as the playground, basketball court, volleyball court, horse shoe pit and lawn areas, where available. These amenities are on a first come, first serve basis unless rented. We ask that you alert your guests that the park is open to the public at all times.


Permittee is responsible to leave the picnic shelter and tables as clean as you found it. Please deposit trash in trash cans.


Tent, volleyball and other types of stakes can be used if prior permission is granted. Please note that you are required to meet with a Grounds Keeper if you will be inserting any stakes into the ground for your event. This will need to take place prior to your event. A designated area for placement of stakes to avoid damage to any underground irrigation will be given.


During the time of your scheduled event, the Permittee is responsible for all accidents, injuries, damages or loss of property. Prospect Recreation District and their officers, employees and agents shall be held harmless from any and all claims, damages, or liabilities arising from the use of the facility. Permittee may be required to have liability insurance and present a Certificate of Insurance listing Prospect Recreation & Park District as additionally insured prior to use.


Beer and wine are permitted on park property (by permit ONLY). Alcohol may only be consumed by persons as permitted by applicable state law. Glass bottles are not permitted in our parks. No alcohol may be sold (i.e. cash bar). Unusual rowdiness or abuse of persons or property will result in immediate termination of an event with no refund. District parks and facilities are patrolled by local law enforcement. All applicable rules and regulations including state statues or county ordinances will be enforced.


If you intend on having concessions at your event, please contact the District offices to obtain the required permission.


District staff will not be present during events. If you have an emergency, please call 911. District hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM . If you have a question during these hours, please call us at 303/424-2346.


The parks close at 9pm. Good judgment regarding excessive noise, yelling, music, needs to be used while using the park.


Supply written or verbal notice 45 days in advance of rental date to cancel. Without such notice, the Lessee may be charged 50% of the original fee. Prospect Rec & Park District reserves the right to cancel this agreement and withdraw the permission hereby granted for just cause or for failure to comply with any of the herein stated requirements. A $10.00 processing fee will be added to all refunds.

Payment of the reservation fee and the signature on your check indicates your agreement and acceptance of these guidelines and regulations. Returned check fee of $25 added to rental for any returned check.

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