Applewood and Fairmount have a new resource to help preserve the character of their communities. Local citizens, with the help of Prospect Recreation & Park District (PRPD), formed Prospect Foundation. Its mission is to help to protect, manage and expand . . . parkland and promote opportunities for citizens to pursue sports, historic, cultural and leisure time activities in these communities. Prospect Foundation has gained its tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) from the IRS.

The most important role of the Prospect Foundation is to raise funds for park projects within the PRPD District.

Our Initial Accomplishment:

The Foundation made possible the purchase of 18 acres of former farmland at 5550 Indiana Street for preservation as park and wildlife habitat. This was accomplished through a complex transaction involving the donation of a Conservation Easement on the 18 acre property by the Serene Strippgen Revocable Living Trust, the purchase of that land by the PRPD District with Prospect Foundation serving as the steward to assure the perpetual preservation of the site.

This 18-acre parcel is located immediately east of Indiana, with the Van Bibber Trail as its northern border and private residential properties on its east and southern borders. This is one of the few remaining small farms in Jefferson County, and Fairmount Community in particular. The property has a very rich and diverse character, featuring a riparian corridor along Van Bibber Creek, a pond, and flowing grasslands are all featured here.

Opportunities to view native and naturalized flora and fauna will be a considerable benefit to District residents and others who will enjoy visiting it in future years.

By the terms of the Conservation Easement, most of the property will be kept in a natural condition as wildlife habit, with trails for visitors. Only limited amenities are permitted in the area which fronts on Indiana Street. This property will provide significant historic, cultural, educational and other opportunities for District residents and others who will visit it in the future! The Strippgen property is presently closed to public access until the Prospect Foundation and the Prospect Recreation & Park District can restore and develop this site for public use. The first major project of Prospect Foundation has thus far been a resounding success, and an important piece of land has been preserved for public use.

Other Projected Goals:

  • Crestview Arena/Park development
  • Strippgen Development
  • Volunteer Program

When you support the Foundation, you help Prospect assure that facilities and programs you, your family, and your friends enjoy will continue to be a source of pride in the community. This is a long-term project as it will require considerable funds and time to help reach its full potential.

For questions or for information about the Prospect Foundation, please contact the Prospect Recreation & Park District office at 303-424-2346

Seeding the Foundation

Preserving the open lands in our community, not for only us, but future generations is a foremost objective envisioned by the Prospect Foundation.

Prospect Recreation & Park District maintains numerous parks in our District, each with varying activities, providing a broad spectrum of equestrian arenas to tennis courts and ball fields. Development of the latest land acquisitions presents a major challenge to the District.

The formation of a Foundation provides an entirely new level of assistance, which can be achieved with the help of volunteers and additional financing. There is very little overhead, since the Board is entirely comprised of members who volunteer their time.

Memberships with an annual donation level of $50 provides the seed money to seek other opportunities for fund raising. These may include:

  • Grants from national and local businesses, charities and land preservation organizations, such as Great Outdoors Colorado and Jefferson County Open Space.
  • Publicizing a bequest program, for those residents who wish to make a gift for the benefit of the community.
  • Participating in local fund raising events.

Please join with us in preserving the character of Prospect Recreation & Park District Through The Prospect Foundation!