All Prospect Recreation & Park District rental facilities and park shelters are closed to organized activities until further notice. This closure will last at least through May 10, and will be reevaluated prior to May 10. This closure is due to the public safety issues related to COVID 19/Coronavirus. Prospect is committed to protecting our community, park users, and staff. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact Shay at if you have any questions.

Please read before proceeding:

This is a form to fill out when making a request to reserve one of our park amenities. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee your reservation. After you submit this request, one of our staff will contact you for additional information and let you know of the availability, cost & etc. This process helps us ensure that we receive all of the information necessary from you.

You can also call us (303) 424-2346 with questions.

Reservation Request Form