Parks & Facilities

Tanglewood Park

This 10 acre park now has two separate activity areas:

13725 Denver West Circle (South) &
13900 West 20th Avenue (North)

Tanglewood Park is located adjacent to the Denver West Office Park on the north/west side of I-70. There are two activity areas at Tanglewood—the South area contains most of the amenities at Tanglewood, while the North area has a smaller pavilion and is a quieter part of the park. The Prospect West Tennis Courts are in the South area.


13725 Denver West Circle—South Area

  • Picnic Pavilion with eight 8’ tables and three 4’ round tables, one charcoal BBQ grill, electrical outlets
  • Playgrounds
  • Two Tennis Courts
  • One Baseball/Softball Field
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Field
  • Handicap Accessible Restroom (Seasonal,  approx. May to Oct.)
  • Eighty-three (83) Car Capacity Parking Lot (Monday thru Friday during business hours parking lot use is shared with Denver West Office complex)

13900 West 20th Avenue—North Area

  • Picnic Pavilion with four four-sided 4′ tables, and one charcoal BBQ grill
  • Playground
  • Two Bocce Courts
  • Putting Green
  • Shared Parking at the Litz Preschool Parking Lot (Litz Preschool has priority use of the parking lot during preschool hours and events).

South Area

North Area