Park Environment:

  • The Arbor House is located on the northwest corner of the 11-acre Maple Grove Park.
  • Although you have exclusive use of the Arbor House, no portion of the park is ever closed to the public.
  • The picnic shelter and the athletic fields are available for separate reservations.
  • A curfew of 10:00pm Sunday thru Thursday and 12:00pm (midnight) Friday and Saturday for the Arbor House and parking lot will be enforced.


  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Arbor House. The Lessee is responsible for enforcing this regulation.

Alcohol and Rowdiness:

  • Alcohol is allowed by Prospect Recreation & Park District permit only.
  • No alcohol may be sold at the Arbor House.
  • People of legal drinking age may consume alcohol.
  • Unusual rowdiness or abuse of persons or property will result in immediate termination of an event with no refund.
  • District parks and facilities are patrolled by local law enforcement. All applicable rules and regulations including state statues and county ordinances will be enforced.


  • Animals are not allowed in the Arbor House without prior permission, with the exception of service (assistance) dogs.


  • District staff will not be present during events. In an emergency, please call 911 or the Sheriff’s Department at 303-271-0211. District office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • As the Lessee, you are responsible for all accidents, injuries, damages or loss of property and you will hold Prospect Rec & Park District, its officers, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims, damages, or liabilities arising from the use of the facility.
  • Prospect Recreation & Park District may require Lessee to have liability insurance and to supply a Certificate of Insurance listing Prospect Recreation & Park District as an additional insured prior to use.

Building Access, Decorating, and Cleanup:

  • The Arbor House is locked at all times. Access to the Arbor House is permitted for the scheduled time ONLY. Keys to the Arbor House will NOT be given to the Lessee.
  • The facility will be unlocked at the start time of the reservation and locked at the end time of the reservation, PROMPTLY, by a Prospect Rec & Park District employee.
  • Setup and clean-up should take place within the scheduled reservation time you’ve requested and agreed to.
  • No decorations may be affixed in any manner to painted drywall in the facility- NO tacks. Decorations may be affixed to unpainted metal, stone, wood and glass surfaces. All decorations must be removed immediately after the event.
  • Birdseed, which is environmentally friendly, may be thrown at weddings instead of confetti or rice. ***ABSOLUTELY NO GLITTER, CONFETTI or SILLY STRING***
  • There are 70 folding chairs and 10 folding tables in the Arbor House. The tables are 5 foot rounds, arranged in banquet fashion. If you rearrange for your event, please return furniture to its original configuration. Do not remove any tables and chairs from the building for any reason.
  • There are 5 rectangular tables for use as food, beverage, and gift tables. Four of these tables are 6 feet long; one is 4 feet in length.
  • Clean-up is to be performed immediately following the event and within the scheduled time.
  • The Lessee is responsible for leaving the Arbor House in the same condition as it was found. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, main room, patio, gazebo, parking lot and adjacent lawn areas.
  • Additional trash liners, broom, mop, and other cleaning materials are located in the storage room. Please empty and replace all trash-can liners. A trash dumpster is located in the parking lot just west of the Arbor House.
  • All personal equipment and caterer’s supplies must be removed immediately following the event and within the scheduled time.
  • Please turn off all faucets and lights (except those labeled security lighting).
  • Review your “Clean-Up Checklist” for additional duties.

Literature and Advertising:

  • Literature advertising any program for which the facility is rented shall state: Prospect Recreation & Park District does not endorse the content or the instructor for any class or program held at the Arbor House.

Payments and Cancellations:

  • Please see the information under Payment on the Rental Rates and Rules page regarding payment and cancellation policies.