Prospect Recreation & Park District

Our Tribute to Linda

Linda J. Dusenbury, Prospect Park & Recreation District Board member, passed away February 8, 2005, at the age of 52, from breast cancer. Her husband (Mike), children (Rena and Peter), extended family, friends, and associates miss her greatly.

LindaLinda was born and raised on a wheat farm just outside of Wolf Point, Montana. Her grand parents were homesteaders. She was raised an evangelical, Bible-believing Mennonite. Her personal faith in God guided her throughout her life. She had a zest for living and praised and gave thanks to the Lord every day of her life. Linda excelled in all she attempted. She was Valedictorian of her high school; after Bible College she was Phi Kappa Phi at nursing college; she received a Masters in Public Heath; then received a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, and was working on a Ph.D. in this area. She met her husband, Mike, in slide rule class during high school. He was a Lutheran, but that was OK; she thought he was worth the risk.

Being a devoted wife and mother did not exhaust Linda, but helped energize her. She had a successful career in Nursing followed by one in Public Health. She served on the Wellness Advisory Board of the Foothills Park and Recreation District in the early 1990’s.

As an empty nester, in her late forties, she decided and was encouraged by her family and friends to combine her knowledge of health with community design. She became active in this area and passionately studied the leading edge of this field of urban and regional planning.

Linda served on the Prompt Committee to form the Title 32 Prospect Recreation & Park District (PRPD) and was elected to the first PRPD board in the 1999 election. She was voted Secretary of the Board and excelled in this position. As with all that Linda did, she worked hard at optimizing parks and preserving the Prospect District for the people. She also helped form the new Prospect Foundation to provide new possibilities for the entire District and nurture the newly acquired 18-acre Strippgen area.

Linda loved and enjoyed the simple things of life, such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Pumpkin Festival. Linda loved walking, biking, and visiting, and especially visiting while walking or biking. She wore a pedometer and tried to get in 10,000 steps a day for fitness. She had greeted and visited with her neighbors for blocks around. To Linda, Applewood was a perfect neighborhood, a place where you could live, work, and play. Linda loved her local parks for their play grounds, ball fields, the beauty and solitude of their expanse, and as a meeting place for large numbers. She would visit with residents in the parks and watch over our parks on her walks. She was very fulfilled by serving her neighborhood and having a hand in starting this new Special District.

Linda bravely faced and worked for solutions to the complex problems of life equally as well as she faced her illness. To the end she was an encouragement to her family and friends and the District. Her many attributes are evident in many areas of the District. Her quiet manner and continuous smile evidenced her love of life and all whom she met. We have all been the benefactors of her rich and giving life.

We have lost a true friend!

Linda will never be forgotten